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January 10th, 2018

Our January newsletter's out! Check out "3 Tricks to Become an Instagram Influencer," the IRS deadline extension for ACA reporting, & find out how VC investing is doing since the DotCom boom!


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December Newsletter

December 7th, 2017

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We're on Instagram!

August 3rd, 2017

What does a business law firm post on Instagram? Join us to find out!


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Employment Updates! by Jacqueline Tate-Naghi

July 7th, 2017

Three recent laws have come into effect as of July 1, 2017.


  1. Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking [California]

  2. Transgender Identity and Expression [California]

  3. San Francisco Minimum Wage [City and County of San Francisco]


The first one – Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking – addresses employer notice and time off. Employees who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking may need time off for legal proceedings, such as obtaining a restraining order or for medical treatment. Employees are entitled to use mandatory paid sick days for these purposes. Employers have various obligations related to providing such leave and are required to provide this information to new workers when hired, and to other workers who ask for it.


The second one – Transgender Identity and Expressions – further expands the Fair Employment and Housing Act’s (FEHA) role in preventing discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of gender identity. The new regulations specfically protect people who identify as transgender and provide protection on the basis of both gender identity and gender expression. The regulations describe some new policies that employers must implement, including the following:


Restroom Facilities

Employers are now required to provide equal access to facilities regardless of the sex of the employee. Employees must be permitted to use facilities that correspond to the employee’s gender identity or expression. The regulations also address signage, advising that employers must use gender-neutral signage for single-occupancy facilities under their control and cannot require any proof of sex or gender for an employee to use a particular facility. Note that a prior law, effective March 1, 2017, requires all single-user facilities to be identified as “all-gender.”


The new regulations add a definition of “transitioning” and prohibit discriminating against an individual who is transitioning, has transitioned, or is perceived to be gender transitioning. “Transitioning” is defined as a process in which an individual begins living as the gender with which they identify and can include changes in name usage, participation in employer-sponsored activities, undergoing hormone therapy, etc.

Dress Standard

An employer cannot impose a dress standard that is inconsistent with an employee’s gender identity or expression in the absence of a business necessity.

Preferred Name and Identity

The new regulations specify that employers must honor an employee’s request to be identified by a preferred gender, name or pronoun. Employers can only insist on using an employee’s legal name or gender if it is otherwise required to meet a legally-mandated obligation.


An employer cannot inquire or require documentation on sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression as a condition of employment.

The third one – San Francisco Minimum Wage – provides for an increase to the minimum wage in the City and Country of San Francisco. Beginning July 1, 2017, all employers must pay  employees (including temporary and part-time employees) who work in San Francisco at least $14.00 per hour.


Meet Mary Lou!

June 27th, 2017

We at ABL are so happy to welcome Mary Lou Floyd to our team!

Mary Lou Floyd, CCLS has been a paralegal for over 20 years, has a BA in Criminal Justice, and an MS in Psychology.

Mary Lou es fluida en español incluyendo la lectura y la escritura, and she is a Notary Public. She has had extensive experience in both the private sector and non-profit sector, from Intensive Treatment Foster Care Case Manager to foster family advocate to paralegal.

Need to get a hold of Mary Lou? Email office@aharonibusinesslaw.com. Want to read her full bio? Visit https://lnkd.in/e7MKKdG.


*No culpes a Mary Lou si esto es gramaticalmente incorrecto-su compañero de trabajo Julieta usó Google Translate para esta parte!  

(English translation of the sentence is "Mary Lou is fluent in Spanish, including speaking and writing.")

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Looking for More Business Law Info? Check Out Our Videos!

February 22nd, 2017

ABL's Facebook Page now has a small assortment of videos about different aspects of Business Law. They're from our "Lunchtime Live with ABL" series, in which our lawyers give talks about different aspects of the law as they might affect your business. Current topics range from "Did You Pick the Right Business Entity" to "HR & Employment Law Tidbits for 2017." The programs often reflect a subject which we cover more extensively in our face-to-face events, but are MUCH shorter so you still have time to relax during your lunchtime (or whenever you watch the videos!).

We at ABL value the opportunity to educate folks about Business Law, and especially how the Law affects small businesses. We hope you'll take advantage of these free videos to enrich your own business operations and practices.  We'll be adding to the videos monthly. 

Are you interested in attending our next Lunchtime Live with ABL? Just check out our Events page to get more info!

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Compliance Alert!

January 6th, 2017

Compliance  Alert! Annual Corporate Meetings
California requires your corporation and some LLCs to hold annual corporate shareholders and board meetings. Has your corporation done this lately? It can be easy to get busy and forget about this essential requirement-- even on an annual basis! 

Not sure how to run your annual meeting? Need help with minutes or meetings? Don't have the time to handle them yourself? ABL can handle it for you for a simple flat fee. Contact us for details.  

by Galia Aharoni

December 2016 Newsletter

December 31st, 2016

Does all of this Holiday Hubbub have you hankering for a bit of Business Law News?

Our newsletter was published early this month, but it still makes for some interesting reading!  

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We've Added Some Talent to the ABL Team!

October 5th, 2016

We're so happy to have Jackie & Juliet on the ABL Team! 

Jacqueline Tate-Naghi

Jackie is an Associate Attorney specializing in all aspects of business law. She brings with her experience in managing artists and their intellectual property, as well as representing clients in varied employment, family and business matters. She is compassionate and enjoys working directly with owners, entrepreneurs, and employees to help their small businesses and ideas succeed and grow. 

Jackie received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in 2004, and Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School in 2010. While there, she served as notes and comments editor of the Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law and earned a certificate in Intellectual Property, Information and Media Law. Prior to entering private practice, she served a one-year term as law clerk to the Honorable Mary F. Thurber, J.S.C.

Most of Jackie's free time is spent outdoors with her two dogs. She also enjoys active travels with her family, exploring new countries and cultures. 


Juliet W. Hattersley

Hired as our Executive Admin, Juliet’s skill set includes almost everything in what she calls the “Word Pedant’s Gamut.” She has written articles about parliamentary process, help files, and procedural manuals; helped design disaster recovery plans; and has edited pieces ranging from novels to nonfiction. Juliet will write many of ABL’s unique newsletter articles and will be our newsletter editor. Juliet will also be the Check-in Person for our Startup Series.  Need to get a hold of her? Just send a note to juliet@aharonibusinesslaw.com.

Juliet has been a called “a goddess of helpfulness,” and hopes this title fits both at home and at work. In her free time, Juliet writes haiku, takes Tribal Fusion belly dance classes, drinks caffeinated beverages, chews bubblegum, and hangs out with her partner, Paul, and their cats.

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Is Employee Vacation Time a Good Investment?

July 27th, 2016

Did you know that 55% of US workers don’t take their vacation time?  According to Project: Time Off, that's 658 million unused vacation days in 2015 alone.

In the age of unlimited vacation days and companies who offer generic "paid time off" instead of traditional accrued paid vacation days, workers are less likely than ever to take the time off allotted to them.  From an employer's perspective, it may seem that a workaholic employee is nothing but a boon. That's more work that gets done for less money, right?

But think again. Overwork and over-stress can lead to fatigue, illness, and just plain bad morale. A happy worker is a productive worker, and taking vacations is associated with increased happiness.

Letting an employee take vacation time is only a small part of what you can do as employer to make sure your employees are happy and productive. Creating a work environment where time off is supported and encouraged will encourage the employee to actually take that time. And if you'd like to make your employees even happier, studies show that active investment into your employees' support and satisfaction create a more productive workplace. Creating a workspace that encourages collaboration, support, mission-driven purpose, and mindfulness has been shown to increase employee happiness at work.

So next time you're thinking about cutting corners and discouraging time off or fun time in your office, think instead about the long-term benefits of loyal, happy, and healthy workers who will, in the end, increase your bottom line. 

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