Pricing Questions
Why would I choose a subscription? Can’t I just call a lawyer when I need one?
By working with ABL regularly, you’ll have lawyers on-hand who already know your business and can help you avoid common pitfalls before you end up in a situation that requires expensive legal services to fix.
More generally, we offer subscriptions because they allow us to offer our clients:
  • Readily accessible service
  • Proactive updates on changes in the law
  • Ongoing proactive updates of business documents
  • Legal services only offered to subscription clients, including certain government licenses and documentation, corporate records maintenance, and trademark licensing
  • Proactive planning and risk mitigation
  • Low, predictable costs and lower long-term costs
If I have a subscription, what do my on-call legal service hours include?
Your on-call legal service hours include any legal services your business may require during any given month. The BASIC plan anticipates approximately two hours of legal time per month; GENERAL COUNSEL anticipates approximately five hours per month; and PREMIUM anticipates approximately ten hours per month.
What happens if I go over my subscription’s monthly allotment of questions or hours?
We will not cap your hours if more time is required on occasion. However, if you consistently require more or fewer hours per month, we may suggest or require that you change packages to a subscription plan that better suits your business’s needs.
Can my employees ask questions using my subscription?
Because of potential conflicts of interest, ABL cannot enter a lawyer-client relationship with both your company and your employees. We therefore cannot give legal advice to your employees through your company’s subscription package.
Do you still offer traditional hourly billing if I don’t want a subscription?
Yes. We do find that most business receive a better value for our services if they elect flat fee billing or a subscription. However, we will tailor our billing to your preferences and needs, so if you prefer a traditional hourly model of billing, we are happy to accommodate you.
What about flat fees?
Yes. Depending on the nature of the project, we will provide you with a flat fee quote for our recommended services.
What methods of payment do you accept?
You may use your payment method of choice: cash, check, debit, or credit card. You may also pay online using our online legal services portal, and pay your invoices securely at your convenience, any time, from anywhere in the world.