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9 Resources for Hiring Employees

Hiring employees for the first time can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to miss something. Here are some of the things you need to do to avoid problems when you hire.

1. Get an EIN.

If your business doesn’t have one already, you need to get a Federal Employer ID Number. You can apply online here

2. Get the employee’s W-4 and I-9 forms.

Make sure to follow all directions on the forms.

3. Register your employee with the EDD.

You can mail in form DE-34 or do it online.

4. Get Workers Comp insurance.

A broker can assist you, or you can get it yourself or through some payroll processors.

5. Set up payroll.

You can do it manually, but it’s easier (and usually worth it!) to use software or a payroll service to help you comply with all of the rules.

6. Give all required brochures and posters.

There are brochures you’re required to give upon hire, and posters you’re required to keep in a public workspace throughout employment. You can get these free online or order them online from many available services. We recommend the CalChamber store, but there are many to choose from.

7. Provide them with your written policies.

A handbook is not required, but is highly recommended. If you don’t have a handbook, you are required to have a written Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention policy, and an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP). A sample IIPP can be found here. A sample COVID-19  Prevention Program (also required) can be found here.

8. Know the basics of employment law.

Most employment lawsuits are about breaks, overtime, wages, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Do your best to know the basics and comply. Nolo and CalChamber both have good primers on employment law. Make sure you’re familiar with the leave laws that apply to your business, which are usually based on how many employees you have.

9. Mandatory sexual harassment training.

If you have five or more employees, you are required to provide sexual harassment training. There are many programs online that provide this training for a reasonable price.


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Written by Galia Aharoni Schmidt