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9/28 How to Hire Employees (the Right Way)

How to Hire Employees (the Right Way)
FREE Event

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT

For small business owners, hiring new employees may bring about concerns. You may think the process is too complicated or the cost on top of the salary is too high. However, this workshop intends to shed some light on these common concerns and help you make your first hire!

This workshop is offered by the small business program at the SF LGBT Center in partnership with Aharoni Business Law.

Join business and employment lawyer Galia Aharoni Schmidt for this how-to workshop about hiring.

Galia will walk through the practical steps of recruiting and onboarding a new employee, including how and where to register as an employer, how to sign up for payroll, what posters and brochures you must provide, and the basic employment and non-discrimination laws you need to know about. Checklists and resources will be provided to all attendees.

This will be a key workshop if you are thinking about hiring employees for the first time, may have to convert independent contractors into employees, or already have employees but want to make sure you didn’t miss anything that might get you in trouble later.

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