A screenshot of https://www.bellydancegeek.com/2018/08/geek-out-galia/ that has a picture of Galia Aharoni of ABL and information about how to register for the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse

Liability Waivers for Dance Teachers

Lbelly dance geek clubhouse logo iability Waivers for Belly Dance Teachers: Galia Aharoni of ABL, PC joins the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse to talk about the importance of liability waivers for dance teachers.

While this “geek out” is for belly dance teachers, teachers of other styles of dance, yoga instructors, pilates teachers, and other exercise professionals can probably benefit from joining in on this FREE conference call.   


This free call will take place onThursday, September 6th, at 8pm Eastern time.

See that in your own time zone here.


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