Aharoni Business Law, PC, provides proactive, comprehensive general counsel services to entrepreneurs so you never have to worry about your business’s legal issues — or protecting your family’s assets — again. Whether you’re starting a new business, growing an existing one, or winding down, ABL can help you any step along the way.

ABL’s reputation for being both approachable and professional stems from our passion for educating people about the law. We make sure to take the time to teach you all you need to know to protect your business so you’re empowered to make an informed decision about what services you need and when.  We believe that the rest of the legal industry has lost sight of what the client actually wants and needs, so we built our firm to provide the experience we’d want to have if we were in your shoes.


  • We are known for our signature “approachable professionalism”
  • We make sure you are comfortable, not intimidated or stressed out
  • We want you to feel like we are a part of your team
  • We want you to feel that you belong and that you deserve a pleasant and comfortable lawyer/client relationship, no matter your level of experience or expertise


  • We tailor our services to your needs, and don’t try to sell you things you don’t need or can do on your own
  • We remain dedicated to your success throughout your business’s growth, start to finish
  • Our law firm is built with flexibility, accessibility, and adaptability in mind, so we’re available how and when you need us
  • We utilize technology to make sure we remain accessible and efficient, so you’re not spending money on unnecessary admin or busywork


  • We prioritize honesty and good communication, because we don’t believe in surprises
  • We will provide you with honest, transparent, and realistic communications, always
  • We will not perform work for you unless you fully understand why and how we’re doing something, so you know you’re receiving the full value of our services and that your business is protected


  • We believe that our job is to educate as much as advocate. We will always be available to answer any question, big or small
  • Business law can seem impenetrable, and business owners often get themselves in trouble without realizing it. That is why we strive to make time to educate business owners at little or no cost through articles, webinars, and workshops — so you know when you need us, and you know when you don’t


  • We are a women-owned and women-run business
  • We love to work with businesses and business owners of all types and from all backgrounds
  • We particularly enjoy working with other underrepresented entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference in the world