We offer a variety of pricing options – including flat fees, monthly subscriptions, and traditional hourly billing – to fit your individual needs. Whether you have a one-time project, you have a series of upcoming issues, or you’d like to have an attorney on-call any day of the week, we will tailor our pricing plan to you and your budget. No matter what plan works best for you, you will always know the cost upfront so there will never be any surprises. For more information, please check out our FAQ.


For businesses who have ongoing projects and want the comfort of knowing that their attorney is just a phone call away, our subscription plans give your business its very own legal department without having to break the bank.


$700 per month

Best for stable businesses

  • Corporate Maintenance
  • Proactive Legal Updates
  • Quick Questions


$1350 per month

Best for new and growing businesses

  • Business Formation
  • Contracts
  • Employment Issues


$2600 per month

Best for complex or multiple businesses

  • General Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Full Range of On-Call Legal Services

Flat Fees

We prefer to do our projects flat fee whenever possible, because flat fees allow us to ensure:

  • You always know exactly how much it will cost, before our work even begins
  • You never have to worry about surprise bills
  • You feel free to ask questions without being billed for every minute
  • We can spend as much time as we need to make sure your project is perfect

Flat fees are best for a la carte projects with a limited scope, such as starting an LLC, drafting certain contracts, or registering your trademark. We will be happy to go over our flat fee pricing list with you at our initial consultation.

Hourly Billing

Some projects don’t fit in to our flat fee or subscription models, so for those projects, we’ll recommend traditional hourly billing. Hourly billing is best for projects with an unpredictable scope, such as contract review, legal research, or negotiation with a third party. If hourly billing is necessary, we will still give you an estimate upfront and will keep you updated throughout the project so you won’t be caught by surprise with the final bill. We will always ensure that your project is handled by the most competent ABL representative at the lowest appropriate price point, so your bill stays reasonable but your needs are still met at the highest standards.