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Working With (or As) Contractors, Interns, and Volunteers Workshop, 10/12/19

Working with (or as) Contractors, Interns, & Volunteers Workshop (Free!)

Hiring employees can be burdensome and expensive. And not everybody wants to be an employee. But working with someone as a non-employee can have hidden pitfalls you didn’t see coming.

Join our Founding Partner, Galia Aharoni Schmidt, as she discusses working with — or as — a contractor, intern, or volunteer. There are lots of rules that must be followed if business owners want to avoid a lawsuit or an expensive audit.

Learn about when and how businesses are allowed to use a contractor, intern, or volunteer, how to avoid accidentally breaking the law, and what happens if you do accidentally misclassify someone.

Saturday, October 12, 2019
11:30a – 1:00p
SF LGBT Center on Market Street

This workshop is part of a series at the SF LGBT Center for Small Business Day on Oct. 12. There are two more workshops that day:

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Can’t make this workshop? If you are wondering about the legal distinctions between independent contractors and employees, watch video from our Employee or Independent Contractor webinar. Still have questions? Contact us!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst